About Us

The Beginning

In 2017, when my son was only a few months old, I discovered the pikler triangle and if you are familiar with the pikler triangle, you know they come with a hefty price tag. I would come across them from time to time, seeing them on Instagram enjoyed by other children. I’ve always wanted to get one for my adventurous monkey, and even had it in my online cart at one point, but never took the plunge. Fast forward 3 years later, in 2020, where my younger daughter is now almost 2, my husband, who is a carpenter by trade, happily obliged to build a pikler triangle with me. When we finally finished and unrevealed it to our two babes, they were stuck on it like glue for weeks. SUCCESS! And I couldn’t help but think that I couldn’t be the only mama that was in the same situation, and reached out to other parents to see if they would like one at a much much more affordable cost - and well, here we are! It is not how much we give, but how much we love giving. And I really really loved giving to our community and all the kids in our world. 

I love being around children. Their smiles and laughter are always contagious for me and they get my juices going. I cannot imagine greater joy than to see children grow and progress on our creations. Words cannot express how rewarding it is to see children making happy memories on our triangles, and to have a positive impact on our children, our future. I know our products can’t reach every child in the world—but I can make a difference for the ones that I can reach. 

So thanks for being here, reading this and joining us on this journey. Now back to work to bring you your next favorite open-ended wooden toy.